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Shure U4D Mk2

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Shure U4D Mk2

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Shure U4D Mk2


Shure Premier Series dual body pack system with 1 x U4D dual receiver, 2 x U1 bodypack transmitters. 692 - 716 Mhz range


• Menu Driven Display. User-programmable receiver display shows Group, Channel, Frequency, Name, Squelch level, and Locked/Unlocked status.
• Exclusive Shure MARCAD) Circuitry. MARCAD (Maximum Ratio Combining Audio Diversity) circuitry constantly monitors signals from both receiver sections and combines them in a single output signal. MARCAD provides superior reception and exceptional freedom from dropouts.
• Noise Squelch Circuitry. Analyzes signal quality instead of signal strength. This virtually eliminates the possibility of annoying noise bursts coming through your receiver.
• Dual RF Level Meters. The U4S and U4D receivers have two RF meters, one for each antenna. The dual meters indicate received signal strength at each antenna, and make it easier to identify and troubleshoot "dead spots".
• Audio Metering. Each receiver includes a seven-segment audio meter that lets you monitor audio level and helps optimize transmitter gain setting.
• Transmitter Display. Shows Group, Channel, Battery Power Level, and POWER LOCK ON/OFF* condition. Both displays are user programmable.
• Tone Key Squelch: Eliminates unwanted noise from entering system; eliminates popping noises when turning the transmitter on or off.
• Dual Receiver Option: Provides greater flexibility while conserving rack space.
• Preconfigured Group/Channel: Ensures frequency compatibility and simplifies system installation.
• Network Expansion Capability. U4S and U4D receivers have a 25-pin serial connector for future computer
control and monitoring via an accessory interface box.
• DC/DC Converter: Ensures consistent audio and RF performance, even if battery voltages change.

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Shure U4D Mk2


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